I was so busy at work today I lost complete track of time and I’m late to get in line to pick up my youngest which means I’m now at the end of the carpool line and I’ll be here forever. I’m not even finished with this invoicing nightmare. I need a pot of coffee with a few shots of something extra.

ryanlrussell asked:

If you can relax with your kid driving, then you must have done a really good job teaching them! :)

I have no idea how he became such a good driver.  I drive just like my dad. I’m a horrible driver.  My oldest does everything right when he drives.  He was even lecturing my two younger children about optimal speeds for gas consumption on the drive tonight.  

I’m heading home from my parents’ house. We had a great day there. They live out in the middle of nowhere, over an hour from our house. The kids love visiting the country lifestyle for a while. It’s very peaceful there.

My oldest is driving home for me. This is when it comes in handy to have older kids. I get to relax on the way home.

The doctors never found out why my youngest has all of these ulcers.  They tell me that most of the time the cause is unknown.  That doesn’t make me feel any better.  I told them if I don’t know why he got them, I can’t stop him from getting them again.  That’s assuming they can get rid of them which might be a bigger problem than I realized.

His pain has been getting worse.  He’s been waking up during the night every night for the last couple of weeks.  They have him on pain meds now, but that’s not helping.  Today they told me to increase his pain meds and if he’s not better next week they might have to scope him again.  I don’t know what the point would be of scoping him again.  To see the same ulcers?  They still won’t be able to tell why he got them.  Scoping him won’t cure him.  There has to be something else they can do.