Warning: Rant Ahead

The fucking court just gave my ex an extension in his bogus lawsuit in Georgia.  He has dragged me through years and years of crap in Louisiana.  The fucking Louisiana courts wanted to give him chance after chance all while fucking me over until they finally realized what a fucking asshole he really is and he ran off before they could throw him in jail.  Now he’s pulling the same exact crap in Georgia, and Georgia is just as fucking stupid.  ”Oh you want an extension?  Suuuuuure.  It’s only been a year and a half since you paid child support.  You’re good for it, right?  You make $17,000 a month and owe your ex well over $300,000.  She won’t mind waiting even longer!”  Fuck me.  If I ever win in Georgia, he’ll probably just take this to another fucking state.  I am so beyond sick of this.  He needs to get the fuck over the fact that I left him.  It was a long fucking time ago.  

The girls are back. They got hit on at the dance. I knew they would. Boys were trolling that place. They even noticed some went from one group of girls to the next to try and get a girl to talk to them. I’m glad they notice that stuff. Now they’re in the pool, so I’m sitting outside like a lifeguard. Why do I always say yes?

I’m in trouble

13 year old girls talk a lot.  And fast.  I only caught every tenth word.  Unfortunately I heard words like ‘hot’ and they weren’t talking about the weather.  

When I dropped them off, I noticed all of the cars around me were dropping off boys.  All of them.  Then I let out a car full of beautiful girls.  At a boys’ high school.